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Premarital Counseling
As enjoyable as it is to help people come out of their pain, it is even more fulfilling to help prevent the pain from happening in the first place. That is why Dr. Nicholson has had such a strong interest in premarital counseling for over 25 years. In 1995 he wrote the book What You Need to Know Before You Fall in Love, (Thomas Nelson). This work came about as a result of his comprehensive search of the psychological, sociological and theological data bases for the most successful premarital programs.

While he customizes his sessions to the individual needs of each couple, he typically recommends that they include in their package:

  • Taking the online relationship survey called Prepare, the most research validated premarital survey available.
  • Complete 6 sessions of communication and conflict resolution training; this is the preparation that has been proven through the research to reduce relationship breakups by approximately 50%. ( www.couplecommunication.com & www.prepinc.org)
  • Having relationship interviews in which they examine the assets and baggage they have received from their family of origins and previous relationship experiences
Premarital counseling sessions are usually fun and enjoyable because you are helping people BEFORE trouble spots appear in their relationship. Research has shown us that one of the major reasons marriages typically break up is due to one unresolved conflict being placed on another unresolved conflict, which is placed on another unresolved conflict, etc., etc. ad nauseum. When this happens the warm emotions we typically associate with marriage tend to fade, if not die out all together. In the communication training sessions you're helping couples learn how to take out the garbage in their relationship before they make much garbage. This has been shown to lead to greater relationship satisfaction years after the ceremony and couples retaining more of the "in love" feelings that drew them together in the first place.
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