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Group Seminars

What You Need To Know Before You Fall In Love
This is a one day seminar that will help increase your chances of having a happy and successful marriage.
  • God's perspective on marriage
  • The importance of communication
  • Early warning signs of relationship trouble
  • The marriage map: the steps and missteps
    of the typical marriage.

Comedy Couples Communication Workshop
This four-week series combine the most up-to-date methods for teaching couples's communication and conflict resolution skills through humor.

  • Learn how to more effectively organize and express your thoughts, feelings wants, etc.
  • Acquire the ability to care for others by listening better
  • Learn methods for conflict resolution
Visit www.couplecommunication.com for more information.

How To Build A Successful Christian Step-Family
This one day seminar is based on the latest studies in the field and is designed to teach current stepfamily members, as well as those contemplating joining a blended family, what is required to achieve success.

  • Learn four factors that contribute to a higher divorce rate among those who remarry
  • Overcome barriers to help build strong couple relationships in a stepfamily
  • Discuss spiritual issues common to stepfamilies
  • Steps to take and issues to consider before remarrying
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DR. DAVID NICHOLSON | 1701 Gateway Blvd., Suite #405 | Richardson, TX 75080 | 972.994.0585 |
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