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Conflict Resolution

Collaborative Team Skills/ I-Skills Zone
Even healthy churches and Christian organizations experience lots of conflict. Because they don't teach you this stuff in seminary, most church staffs and leaders of Christian organizations are ill-equipped to handle conflict well.

More than mere programs or courses, Collaborative Team Skills and the I-Skills Zone are time tested and proven communication skills systems. They provide the staffs of churches and Christian organizations with a common language and innovative processes for discussing critical issues and resolving complex problems. Using an integrated system of maps, skills, and tools, CTS/I-SZ teach 6 talking and 5 listening skills that enable individuals and teams to:

  • build strong relationships in a safe, trusting environment (team building)
  • assess the effectiveness of the team's communication/conflict resolution style
  • identify and change harmful communication patterns
  • make more informed, more profitable, and wiser decisions
  • prevent short-sighted, costly decisions
  • expand self and other awareness on difficult issues
  • discover critical information by listening thoroughly and "beneath the surface"
  • understand another's point of view, even if they are an unskilled communicator
  • increase clarity in complicated and critical situations
  • organize and make sense out of chaos
  • get to the heart of an issue quickly and productively
  • have more productive conversations around complex and critical issues
  • prepare for important, critical and difficult conversations
  • manage unpleasant emotions like anger and fear constructively
  • resolve interpersonal and differences and conflict productively
  • build consensus and create "best-fit" solutions through collaboration
  • handle difficult performance reviews constructively
For complete details see www.I-skillszone.com

Conflict Dynamics Profile
The Conflict Dynamics Profile is an assessment tool designed by the Leadership Development Institute to prevent harmful conflict in the Christian workplace. It provides leaders and employees with a greater awareness of how they respond when faced with conflict so that they can improve on those behaviors causing the most problems.

The CDP focuses on behaviors and emphasizes an action-oriented approach. This focus lessens the problems associated with harmful or unproductive forms of conflict and results in more effective conflict management skills.

There are two versions of the CDP; the CDP-360 and CDP-Individual (CDP-I). The CDP-I is a self-report (it only looks at how you view yourself), whereas the CDP 360 is a full spectrum tool which gives not only your self view but also delineates feedback from bosses, peers and direct reports.

The CDP 360 produces a complete "conflict profile" by providing feedback on:

  • What provokes an individual
  • How an individual perceives the way he or she typically responds to conflict
  • How others view the individual responding to conflict
  • How the individual responds before, during and after a conflict
  • Which behaviors harm one's position in a particular organization
The CDP highlights the following 15 behaviors or scales:
Active Constructive
Perspective Taking
Creating Solutions
Expressing Emotions
Reaching Out
Passive Constructive
Reflective Thinking
Delay Responding
Active Destructive
Winning at all Costs
Displaying Anger
Demeaning Others
Passive Destructive
Hiding Emotions
The CDP can be used in leadership development, Career Development/Individual Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Team Building, Organizational Development, Change Management, Succession Planning, Needs Analysis, and Relationship Counseling.
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